WIZnet to Hold IoT Design Contest “Curation is Creation”

  • 2017년 May 9일
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WIZnet, a member of the ARM® mbed™ Partnership, will hold an Internet of Things (IoT) design contest titled “Curation is Creation” at cybermakerspace.com. IoT solutions for the contest must be designed on the ARM mbed Enabled™ WIZwiki-W7500 platform.

WIZnet has been building Cyber Maker Space, unique in its kind as an IoT User Created Content (UCC) platform. Cyber Maker Space is a library of reusable software that makes developing and prototyping IoT devices easy and fast. This is all made possible with WIZnet Museum at its foundation, which exhibits more than 2,000 UCCs and adds 100 new ones every month.

The contest will be held from May to August 2017, with 16 prizes totaling $15,000. WIZnet expects more than 1,500 makers, including at least 500 members of WIZnet Museum, to participate in the contest.

“The open source community is now evolving into an online makerspace. We hope this Design Contest at cybermakerspace.com will celebrate the collaboration and engagement with developers in the ARM mbed community.” says YB Lee, CEO of WIZnet.

“With over 10 million IoT connected products coming to market in the next 12 months using ARM mbed, developers need strong tools to bring their ideas into production with time-to-market advantage,” said Michael Horne, deputy general manager and vice president of marketing and sales, IoT Business, ARM. “WIZnet’s initiative offers timely support for strong open source collaboration based on ARM mbed Enabled interoperable platforms to over 250,000+ developers, innovative startups and developers shaping IoT.”

Participants are encouraged to submit their creation early, as entries are revisable until the final deadline. This is in order to celebrate collaboration and engagement, which we consider core values of open source. We urge all participants to leverage the power of the community, give each other feedback, and help one another create the best version of their work.

From September to October 2017, it is an open voting period. As this is a contest for fostering the open source community, we want to enable the participants voting power.

Please refer to CiC (Curation is Creation), the online magazine of Cyber Maker Space, for detailed contest guidelines and register at www.cybermakerspace.com to participate.


About WIZnet

WIZnet (www.wiznet.io) develops unique Internet Offload Processor (IOP), a TCP/IP hardware implementation which is fast, safe and reliable to perform data transfer by fully offloading processing of the entire TCP/IP stack without host CPU intervention. IOP has been adopted in the Arduino Ethernet Shield and Arduino Leonardo Platform and has been recognized as the de facto standard for Ethernet connectivity.


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