TOE Special Edition 2023

September 2023

Explore the latest in IoT and networking through engaging articles on high-speed SPI Clock performance, innovative WIZ610io projects, and groundbreaking technology applications, all in WIZnet’s latest release, urging you to embrace the future of digital connectivity.

EV Charger & Solar Energy

Dive into the dynamic world of green energy with WIZnet’s innovative solutions for EV chargers and solar inverters, highlighting breakthroughs in connectivity and sustainable technology that are revolutionizing the way we approach renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Pico Special Edition

Unlock the potential of Ethernet connectivity for IoT projects with this edition, showcasing inventive applications of WIZnet Ethernet HAT and RP2040, from AI-driven IoT and remote device management to cutting-edge Raspberry Pi Pico enhancements, inspiring you to transform your digital creations.

Next-Gen IoT Insights

Step into the forefront of IoT security and advanced Ethernet applications with WIZnet’s insightful guide, offering an exclusive look at secure IoT device development, RTOS integration, and innovative IP camera solutions, fueling your inspiration for next-level connected device creations.

AIoT Special Edition

Dive into AIoT innovation with WIZnet’s edition, showcasing AI-enhanced assistive glasses, cutting-edge smart aquariums, and gesture-controlled robotics, inspiring new frontiers in IoT development.

IoT Wireless Breakthroughs

Delve into the June edition to uncover the potential of Raspberry Pi Pico in wireless IoT, featuring the WizFi360-EVB-Pico, insights on Arm’s IoT compatibility, and inspiring design contest projects, igniting your creativity in IoT and Wi-Fi applications