WIZnet Direct

WIZnet Direct

W5100S on $1.30 at 3,400-off, and $1.40 at 500-off.

The product can only be available for company(or person)
whose Prototype (Product Idea) has been approved by WIZnet.
The above prototype module has to be developed with W5100S and RP2040.

(Contact : Viktor (viktor@wiznet.io)


W5100S is an embedded Ethernet controller designed as a full hardwired TCP / IP with WIZnet technology.

Order right now!(Approval needed)

WIZnet Ethernet HAT

WIZnet Ethernet HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) is a Raspberry Pi Pico pin-compatible board that utilizes W5100S and supports both 3.3V & 5V.
Raspberry Pi Pico Pin-Compatible
Ethernet (W5100S Hardwired TCP/IP CHIP)

Order right now!(Approval needed)

WIZnet RND Center