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IOT Device Platform

WIZnet (Wizard of Internet) is the IoT Device Platform company.

It’s unique technology – Hardwired TCP/IP provides better performance and stability than any other software Internet connectivity solutions. We can summarize the main features of Hardwired TCP/IP as Unattackable, High Performance and Easy to Use


Hardwired TCP/IP Chip

WIZnet (Wizard of Internet) is a unique Hardwired Internet Connectivity Solution Provider. WIZnet provides IOcP and HW TCP/IP chips, best fitted for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to the Ethernet for the internet of things.

  • WIZnet’s core technology is “Hardwired TCP/IP“.
  • WIZnet’s Hardwired TCP/IP solutions provide better performance and stability than any other software Internet connectivity solutions.
  • WIZnet develops Internet offload co-Processors for the “Internet of Things”. The Internet Offload co-Processor consists of a Hardwired TCP/IP and an Ethernet PHY.
  • The Internet Offload co-Processor easily adds Internet capability to any application. It works with any MCU and does not require an operation system.
  • WIZnet is developing Hardwired TCP and IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack chips.

More Safty, More Stable

WIZnet hardwired TCP/IP chip is the Unattackable hardware network engine for preventing network attacks such as flooding, spoofing, injection.

The hardware TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine) technology, which is implemented as Hardwired logic from Ethernet MAC Layer to TCP/IP Layer, is able to protect IoT system against network attack under excessive number of flooding packet by making discard flooding packets detected.


Amazing Performance!

Hardware TOE shows a superior performance compared to the software TCP/IP stack solutions.

High Speed Serial Peripheral Interface, maximum 8 independent hardware sockets support. More stable than software TCP/IP stack under SYN flood attack.

Easy to Use

Open Libraries / Examples

WIZnet provides various network protocol libraries and useful tutorials / application examples.