How to Add W5500 Ethernet to Raspberry Pi Pico (Python)

WIZnet’s WIZ850io was used to supplement RP2040, which is dual-core ARM Cortex-M0 without Ethernet.


This guide was developed using CircuitPython.

Please refer to the following link.

How to add W5500 Ethernet to Raspberry Pi Pico (Python) – 1 –

Setting up a network camera using W5300

This SDK used W5300 to build a network camera.

Since the interface of W5300 is address/data bus, STM32F417Zx (144 pin package) from STM32F4 series was selected as the MCU; STM32F417Zx provides data bus along with camera interface.

How to Add W5500 Ethernet to ESP32

This SDK was created to test the various Ethernet-basic examples from Espressif by connecting WIZ850io with ESP-DevKitC module.


Please refer to the following link.

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Getting Started with ioLibrary

At WIZnet we value community contribution.
Guides and samples shown above were selected to demonstrate how ioLibrary can be added to various projects.

ioLibrary Driver

The ioLibrary means “Internet Offload Library” for WIZnet chip. It includes drivers and application protocols. The driver (ioLibrary) can be used for the application design of WIZnet TCP/IP chips as W5500, W5300, W5200, W5100 W5100S.

This driver provides the Berkeley Socket type APIs.

  • Directory Structure
iolibrary structure
  • Ethernet : SOCKET APIs like BSD & WIZCHIP(W5500 / W5300 / W5200 / W5100 / W5100S) Driver
  • Internet :
    • DHCP client
    • DNS client
    • FTP client
    • FTP server
    • SNMP agent/trap
    • SNTP client
    • TFTP client
    • HTTP server
    • MQTT Client
    • Others will be added.

Latest version of ioLibrary can be downloaded from here:


Revision History

– ioLibrary V4.0.0 Released : 29, MAR, 2018
New features added: Library for W5100S added.

– ioLibrary V3.1.1 Released : 14, Dec, 2016
Bug fixed : In Socket.c Fixed MACraw & IPraw sendto function.

– ioLibrary V3.1.0 Released : 05, Dec, 2016
Internet application protocol add to MQTT Client (using paho MQTT 3.11)

– ioLibrary V3.0.3 Released : 03, May, 2016
In W5300, Fixed some compile errors in close(). Refer to M20160503
In close(), replace socket() with some command sequences.

– ioLibrary V3.0.2 Released : 26, April, 2016
Applied the erratum #1 in close() of socket.c (Refer to A20160426)

– ioLibrary V3.0.1 Released : 15, July, 2015
Bug fixed : In W5100, Fixed CS control problem in read/write buffer with SPI. Refer to M20150715.

– ioLibrary V3.0 Released : 01, June, 2015
Add to W5300
Typing Error in comments
Refer to 20150601 in sources.
Type casting error Fixed : 09, April. 2015 In socket.c, send() : Refer to M20150409

– ioLibrary V2.0 released : April. 2015
Added to W5100, W5200
Correct to some typing error
Fixed the warning of type casting.

– First release : Nov. 2014