WizFi210-EVB is a evaluation board for WizFi210.

WizFi210 is a Wi-Fi module in 2.4GHz, 802.11b standard and also provides the robust and stable Wi-Fi connectivity with low power consumption. WizFi210 performs all functions for Wi-Fi connectivity and TCP/IP processing. All you have to do is just sending commands to the module via serial interface.

Features & Benefits
  • Fast Evaluation for WizFi210 module
  • Support the UART interface test
  • Quick booting time : under 20msec
  • Ultra low power through dynamic power management (34μA at the standby mode)
  • Security protocols : WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK, Enterprise (EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, PEAP)
WizFi210-EVB User Interface

WizFi210/ WizFi220 Datasheet 1.2.0

  • Last Update: 2013.05.29

WizFi210/ WizFi220 Programmer’s Guide V1.3.1

  • Last Update: 2013.06.24

WizFi210/ WizFi220  Quick Start Guide V1.0.0

  • Last Update: 2013.05.29

WizFi210/ WizFi220  Application Note

  • (AP310)WIZSmartScript-Description_EN_V1.01
  • (AP320)WIZSmartScript-Firmware Upgrade_EN_V1.01
  • (AP330)WizFi Range Test_EN_V1.0
  • (AP340)Antenna Type Description
  • (AP350)HTTP Data Transfer
  • (AP370)Using New Firmware version in Old EVB Type
  • (AP400)Multi Connections
  • (AP450)How to Set Low Power Mode
  • (AP460)Power State Management for WizFi210

WizFi210/ WizFi220 Firmware

  • V1.1.1.0 (2013.04.23) : The lastest Version
  • V1.1.0.5 (2012.03.20)
  • V1.1.0.0 (2011.10.18)

SPI Interface

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Enterprise Firmware

This firmware support EAP feature(AT+WEAPCONF command), HTTP feature(AT+HTTPCONF command) and SSL feature(AT+SSLOPEN command).The version of this firmware is‘E’ means the enterprise version). This firmware can be uploaded from the hardware version 1.0.1?If you need the material, please contact to our local office.

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