WIZ750SR-EVB (RS-422/485)

WIZ750SR-EVB is a evaluation board for WIZ750SR.

WIZ750SR is the compact sized serial to Ethernet module using W7500P,
WIZnet iMCU based on Cortex-M0 MCU core. WIZ750SR is the protocol
converter that transmits the data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data
type, and converts back the TCP/IP data received through the network into
serial data to transmit back to the equipment

It supports the serial interface of RS422/485.


Hardware Specification
WIZ750SR-TTL/RS232 Module
  • TCP/IP : W7500P
  • PHY : Embedded in W7500P
  • RJ-45 : BS-RB10005 (Transformer Integrated)
  • MCU : Cortex-M0 (W7500) : SRAM : 48K Byte, FLASH-128Kbyte, 6Kbyte
    Boot ROM and 32KByte Socket SRAM
  • Serial : RS-422/485 (SP3485EN, transceiver chip mounted)
  • Pinout interface
    * 6×2 2.54mm Pin Header (Male) 1EA
    * 1×6 2.54mm Pin Header (Male) 2EA
    * 1×2 2.54mm Pin Header (Male) 1EA
Base Board
  • Module Interface
    * 6×2 2.54mm Pin Header (FeMale) 1EA
    * 1×6 2.54mm Pin Header (FeMale) 2EA* 1×2 2.54mm Pin Header (FeMale) 1EA
  • Serial Connector : D-SUB, 9PIN, Right Angle, Male
  • Serial Connector : BR-508LH-6Pin (6pin Terminal Block)
  • Power : DC Jack mounted (External : 4.5Ø, Internal :1.3Ø)
  • Micro USB Cable(1M), UTP LAN Cable (2M), Serial Cable

WIZ750SR-EVB (RS-422/485) Datasheet

  • You can check the hardware specification of WIZ750SR-EVB (RS-422/485)
  • Last Update: 2016.04.28

User’s Manual

  • Last Update: 2016.07.28
Software Download

WIZ750SR-EVB (RS-422/485) Software Download

  • Last Update: 2016.07.29