WIZ550SR-EVB is a evaluation board for WIZ550SR.

WIZ550SR is the serial to Ethernet module using W5500 & Cortex M3 MCU.
WIZ550SR is the protocol converter that transmits the data sent by a serial
equipment as TCP/IP data type, and converts back the TCP/IP data received
through the network into serial data to transmit back to a serial equipment.

Hardware Specification
  • WIZ550SR Developer Board.
  • USB to UART chip, FT2232D.
  • RJ45 with Transformer, RB1-1D5B8K1A.
  • 3.3V LDO
  • RESET Tact SW.
  • BOOT0 Tact SW.
  • H/W Trig Tact SW.
  • LED Indicators.
  • Micro USB.
  • Input Voltage : 5V

WIZ550SR-EVB Datasheet

  • You can check the hardware specification of WIZ550SR-EVB
  • Last Update: 2016.06.07

Programmer’s Guide

  • WIZ550SR-EVB AT Command Set
  • Last Update: 2016.06.02


  • AT command Tutorial
  • Last Update: 2016.06.21
Software Download

WIZ550SR-EVB Software Download

  • Last Update: 2016.06.07