WIZ107SR (not recommended for new design)

WIZ107SR is the compact sized serial to Ethernet module using W7100A, WIZnet iMCU, 8051.  WIZ107SR is the protocol converter that transmits the data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data type, and converts back the TCP/IP data received through the network into serial data to transmit back to a serial equipment.

It complies with industrial temperature standard and supports the serial interface of RS-232.

  • Serial to Ethernet Module based on W7100A
  • Pin-header type & RJ-45 mounted module
  • Serial signals : TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND, (RS-232 transceiver optionally built-in)
  • Support the configuration method of AT command & Configuration tool program
  • Support password function for the security
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet & Max.230kbps serial speed
  • Support WIZ VSP (Virtual Serial Port) program
Hardware Specification
  • Pin Header Connector Type : 2.54mm Pitch (6×2)
  • Dimension (mm) : 48(L) x 30 (W) x 18 (H)
  • Input Voltage : 3.3V
  • Max. Power Consumption : 250mA
  • Operation Temperature : -40 ~ 85℃
  • RoHS, SVHC Compliant
  • Configuration Tool for Windows
  • WizVSP: Virtual Serial Port (COM port) for User’s Programs
Pin Assignment

WIZ107SR User Manual V1.72

  • Last Update: 2017.06.19

WIZ107SR/ WIZ108SR Network Configuration Guide V1.0

  • Last Update: 2012.11.15
  • Guide Document for Network Configuration with using multiple WIZ107SR, WIZ108SR modules

WIZ107SR/WIZ108SR Configuration Communication Protocol Guide V1.0

  • Last Update: 2013.12.23
  • WIZ107/108SR Communication Protocol Format for Custom configuration tool development
Firmware (The latest Version)

Firmware v4.0.6

  • Last Update: 2016.06.09
  • WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3 / 1.4) Firmware
Firmware (Older Versions)

Firmware v4.0.5

  • Last Update: 2015.09.15
  • WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3 / 1.4) Firmware

Firmware v4.04

  • Last Update: 2014.11.26
  • WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3 / 1.4) Firmware

WIZ107SR Old Firmware 

  • V4.03 (2014.04.23) WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3 / 1.4) Firmware
  • V3.14 (2013.11.07) WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3) Firmware
  • V3.11 (2013.06.10) WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3) Firmware
  • V3.10 (2013.02.22) WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3) Firmware
  • V3.07 (2013.02.08) WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3) Firmware
  • V3.04 (2012.11.15) WIZ107SR(HW Ver. 1.3) Firmware
  • V2.20 (2013.02.22) WIZ107SR(Old HW Ver. 1.1) Firmware
  • V2.17 (2013.02.08) WIZ107SR(Old HW Ver. 1.1) Firmware

WIZ107SR /WIZ108SR Config Tool for Windows v1.4.4.1

  • Last Update: 2013.11.07
  • WIZ107SR/ WIZ108SR Config Tool Installation Package
  • WIZ107SR/WIZ108SR Config Tool Source Code

Device Terminal Program for Windows

  • Last Update: 2015.08.05
  • Simple Configuration & Testing for WIZnet Serial to Ethernet Modules

WIZVSP Program for Windows

  • Last Update: 2017. 04. 28
  • Virtual Serial COM Port program: It can be used to change the device that is connected to the PC through the existing serial interface to control by the remote Ethernet network.
  • If you agree with the End User License Agreement for WIZVSP, you will be able to download the program and get a registration key. When registering the product with license agreement, the MAC address of the product in use and the email address of the contact person are required.
Hardware Design Guide

Reference Schematic for WIZ107SR

  • WIZ107SR Hardware Schematic V1.4
  • WIZ107SR Hardware Schematic V1.3