• All-in-one Ethernet Controller : Hardware TCP/IP, MAC & PHY
  • Fully hardwired network protocol 
  • Direct & Indirect Bus and SPI for Host Interface
  • Stable Data Communication

The W5100 chip is a Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables easier Internet connection for embedded systems.

W5100 suits users in need of stable Internet connectivity best, using a single chip to implement TCP/IP Stack, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY. Hardwired TCP/IP stack supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP, and PPPoE, …, which has been proven through various applications over many years. W5100 uses a 16ytes internal buffer as its data communication memory.

By using W5100, users can implement the Ethernet application they need by using a simple socket program instead of handling a complex Ethernet Controller.

It is possible to use 4 independent hardware sockets simultaneously. BUS (Direct  & Indirect) & SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) are provided for easy integration with the external MCU.

Key Features
  • Hardwired TCP/IP protocols : TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE
  • Un-attackable hardware network engine for preventing network attacks such as flooding, spoofing, injection
  • Host Interface : Direct/Indirect Bus & Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI MODE 0, 3)
  • 4 Independent hardware socket
  • Internal 16Kbytes memory for TCP/IP packet processing
  • 10BaseT / 100Base TX Ethernet PHY Embedded
  • Support Auto-Negotiation (Full & Half Duplex, 10 & 100 Based)
  • Support Auto-MDIX
  • 3.3V Operation with 5V I/O signal tolerance
  • LED outputs (TX, RX, full/half duplex, Collision, link, speed)
  • 80LQFP lead-free package (10x10mm)
Block Diagram

W5100 Chip Datasheet v1.2.8

  • Last Update: 2019.05.23

W5100 Chip Erratasheet v2.6

  • Last Update: 2015.10.05

Limitation Note – ARP problem in the NLB environment

  • Last Update: 2018.03.12

W5100 Qualification Report

  • W5100 Temperature Test Report (High & Low Temperature)
  • W5100 RoHS Report

W5100 Application Note

  • How to implement DNS
  • How to implement DHCP
  • How to use Multi-casting
  • How to use ADSL (PPPoE)
Drivers / Protocol Libraries

W5100 ioLibrary (Driver) 

  • W5100 Driver V1.9
Hardware Design Guide

W5100 Reference Schematic

  • Reference Schematic (V2.1)
  • W5100 Layout Guide