WIZ550web은 하드웨어에 TCP/IP가 칩에 내장된 WIZnet의 W5500기반의 임베디드 웹 서버 모듈입니다. 이 제품은 웹 페이지를 통해 모듈에 16-Digital I/O 와 4-ADC Inputs을 제어할 수 있습니다. WIZnet는 사용자가 프로젝트 제작을 할 수 있도록 펌웨어와 예제가 게시되어있는 웹 페이지를 제공합니다.

제품 특징
  • Web Server built-in module to control digital I/O or analog input on the web browser
  • Customizable web page : provides various demo pages for PC & mobile devices
  • 16 Digital I/Os & 4 Analog Inputs
  • Supports “Serial to Web(Ethernet)” data transmission
  • Support SD card for web for web resources
  • Module Configuration : Web, AT Command & Configuration Tool Program
  • Provides JAVA based Configuration Tool Program
  • Supports firmware uploading using TFTP
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet & Max.230Kbps Serial Interface
Hardware Specification
  • MCU : STM32F103RBT6
  • TCP/IP Controller : W5500
  • RJ45(Transformer integrated) : J1B1211CCD
  • External Flash Memory : AT45DB081D
  • 2.54mm Pin Header x 2
  • Size (W x L x H) : 72 x 30 x 24 (mm)
Evaluation Board
  • WIZ550web-evb
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Technical Support

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  • Configuration Tool for Windows
Web Page Examples
Materials in WIZwiki

WIZ550web Datasheet You can find the information about the hardware of WIZ550web and its Baseboard as following:

  • Basic Hardware Specification
  • Operating Characteristics & I/O Characteristics
  • Reference Schematics
  • Dimension information

WIZ550web Getting Started Guide

It provides the guide how you can test the WIZ550web

WIZ550web User’s Guide This is the full guide about WIZ550web

WIZ550web Download

  • Latest Version of Firmware
  • Latest Version of Config Tool and its source code