W5500 Ehternet Shield
  • ARM mbed 호환
  • Arduino 핀 호환
  • 이더넷 (W5500 Hardwired TCP/IP chip)

W5500 이더넷 쉴드는 WIZnet W5500을 기반으로 만들어 졌습니다. W5500에 대한 더 자세한 사항을 참조하시려면 링크를 눌러주세요. 또한 3.3V & 5V를 지원합니다. 이 이더넷 쉴드는 Arduino 와 ARM mbed 플랫폼을 호환합니다.


제품 특징
  • Suppport 3.3V / 5V
  • High Speed Ethernet controller W5500 chip
  • SPI interface
  • Internal 32Kbytes Tx/Rx buffer
  • 10/100 Ethernet PHY embedded
  • Support Auto Negotiation (Full / Half duplex, 10 / 100-based)
  • Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols : TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE
  • User Selectable GPIO pin
  • Support SD-card slot for storage
  • Support I2C, UART interface
Hardware Configuration
  • RJ-45 with Transformer : Ethernet Port
  • W5500 : a hardwired TCP/IP Ethernet Controller
  • RESET : Reset Ethernet shield and Arduino when pressed
  • SD-Slot : support Micro SD card in FAT16 or FAT32 ; (Please Read the Caution)
  • I2C : I2C interface
  • UART : UART interface

Technical Support

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Available Board List
  1. ARM mbed Board
  2. Arduino Board
  3. Arduino-compatible Board
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