WIZnet — SKT IoT Open House

The IoT Era: Connectivity for All Devices

More and more developers and startups armed with innovative ideas approach the market with the ‘Blue Ocean strategy’.

But for those that have not actually gone through the arduous process of developing, authenticating, and commercializing for the telecommunication market, it is a daunting task.
“Which communication network (LoRa, WiFi, LTE, Cat M1, 5G) should I use for tracking?”
“How do the prices and license fees of different communication modules compare?”
“Who should I contact to receive a sample and technical support?”
“How do I activate my device for LoRa/LTE?”
“Are there any source code examples or materials for connecting the device to the cloud?”
“Where can I receive consultation for my current development process?”
“What are the challenges in receiving a telecommunication certification?”
In order to provide 1:1 support and address these challenges, WIZnet partnered with SKT (SK-Telecom) to host the IoT Open House since January 2017.


IoT Open House Introduction

The WIZnet IoT Open House provides consultations and technical support for IoT developers using LoRa, LTE, Cat.M1, and etc. The 1,500 sq. ft open house office consists of a seminar room, meeting rooms, and multiple test labs.

As of December 2019, the cumulative number of customers supported through the IoT Open House totaled over 500, including 295 LoRa and 205 LTE Cat M1.


The WIZnet IoT Open House first seeks to educate customers who need more knowledge of LoRa, Cat M1 or 5G; and second, to provide consultations and guide the customers through the SKT IoT device development process.


WIZnet also provides LoRa and Cat M1 source code examples for IoT Open House customers, along with offline technical support and access to the SKT LoRa test network that is available for WIZnet.
WIZnet provides education for ThingPlug 1.0 integrations as well as technical support for LoRa app server developers, whereas Cat M1 and 5G developers are taught basic information on public cloud (AWS, Azure) integrations and an overview of how to develop their distinctive servers.
The Cat M1 starter kit shown below is composed of Woorinet, AM Telecom, M2Mnet, and Telit modules that are all SK-Telecom certified. More materials including hardware reference guides are available in the following link and more materials will be provided.


We will continue to update HW reference guides and example codes for LoRa and Cat M1 on Github.
Get help on 5G as well at the IoT Open House
Starting from Q4 2020, WIZnet will contribute to the 5G market by providing the following services with SKT.
5G seminars to educate and have Q&A sessions on 5G
Participate in various 5G conferences
Create curriculum and educational materials for developing a device connected to 5G
In person technical support for 5G device developers at the IoT Open House
5G ecosystem and WIZnet IoT Open House