VAR stands for Value Added Reseller.

WIZnet VAR means a module or a product including WIZnet MCU(W7500) or WIZnet chips for sale.

Everyone can be a WIZnet VAR and they can get free technical support from WIZnet Headquarter anytime.

5 benefits for WIZnet VARs
There is no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). However, orders following the MPQ (Manufacturer Package Quantity) are preferred.
No Lead Time : prompt shipping & reply
Within 24~48 hours, WIZnet will ship the parts that are in stock. The backordered parts will be notified with the next dispatch date.
No Inventory : stock returns accepted
Stock returns are accepted within 1 year from PO with the exception of physically damaged parts that were caused by your customer or warehouse. Your payment will not be refunded but the returned parts can be replaced with other WIZnet parts or credit notes can be issued.
Free Shipping : applicable for over $3,000 parcels only
If a single PO value exceeds $3,000, WIZnet will pay the shipping cost. Shipping fee (both original shipping fee and return fee) will be charged to you if any of the parts from the free shipping PO are returned.
30 days Credit : after $30,000 purchase in accumulation
If the sum of all orders exceeds $30,000 after contract, you can pay with NET30 terms.

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Purchase Orders must be placed via WIZnet SCM system.
Let us know if you have any questions.

• WIZnet SCM : http://scm.wiznet.io
• E-mail: sales@wiznet.io
• Phone : (82)31-8023-5679 or (82)31-8023-5678 or (82)31-8023-5695