Experience the integrated IoT cloud service delivered
with WIZnet IoT hardware and connectivity.

WIZnet Cloud

WIZnet Cloud provides integrated cloud service for the IoT. Users can connect devices over the WIZnet Cloud easily and also can monitor and control the IoT devices through the dashboard. WIZnet Cloud stores the data to the cloud database that can collect and process the data in real time. Also, users can build an automatic system to control the IoT devices using rule engine.


Data visualization

The real-time data that is collected from the devices can be visualized through the various widgets.

Device management

Device management functions such as device registration, deletion and modification are provided. Also real-time status of the devices can be monitored. Device management functions are performed on the GCP IoT Core.

Data management

All data sent and received between the WIZnet Cloud and the device is securely stored in the cloud database.

Rule engine

WIZnet Cloud provides an automatic system that allows IoT devices to perform certain actions through a rule engine.

AI Chatbot

WIZnet Cloud provides AI chatbot function that allows you to request informationor command to your device through a smartphone messenger that you are familiar with.


WIZnet Cloud is built on a GCP(Google Cloud Platform) base. Devices can be connected to the GCP IoT Core using MQTTS protocol. Transmitted data is stored to the Firebase database in conjunction with the firebase function and GCP pub/sub. Stored data is provided through the WIZnet Cloud web app and GraphQL API server. Users can manage and control their devices through the device management, rule engine and chatbot services that are provided by Web apps.

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