How to Buy

There are several ways to purchase WIZnet products or use WIZnet supports.

The Most coommon approach is to contact the WIZnet distributors worldwide.

If you become WIZnet VAR, you can buy WIZnet products by reseller price from WIZnet Headquarter directly. Otherwise, you can buy WIZnet online stores.

Other method is using WIZnet online stores.

From WIZnet Distributions
To be WIZnet VAR

WIZnet have more than 60 distributors all over the world.

More than 20 are in Europe, More than 10 are in America, More than 10 are in China, 5 are in Korea, and so on.

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VAR stands for Value Added Reseller.

WIZnet VAR means the Module or Platform including WIZnet MCU or chips for sale.
Open VAR is  easy-making VARs with W7500 or WIZwiki-W7500 Platform with WIZnet together.

Everyone can be WIZnet VAR with WIZnet free support.

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WIZnet online stores

WIZnet have 3 kinds of online store. Korea Headquarter operates korean e-Sale. USA branch operates worldwide e-Sale on USA dollar. China branch operate chinese e-Sale.

If you want to purchase WIZnet product, please select one of the below 3 WIZnet online stores.

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